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The performance of water supply and sewerage networks is critically dependent upon the quality of the adopted technical standards and the attributes of the products and materials used in their construction.  The appropriate selection of approved products is critical to achieving asset life expectancies, financial performance, operability, serviceability, inventory management, and ultimately community expectations.

The Infrastructure Products and Materials (IPAM) detailed in the following lists are acceptable (in the appropriate situations) to the SEQ water service providers.  Refer to the codes and standard drawings for more detailed requirements.

Only approved products shall be used, unless specific concession is obtained from the relevant water service provider.

Acceptance of a product does not absolve the manufacturer and supplier from their responsibilities to provide products that are fit for purpose.  Acceptance of a product does not absolve constructors from their responsibility to correctly install and commission the product.

In general, the water service providers do not give preference to any particular make or type of product in the lists. 

The water service providers encourage suppliers to have their products appraised by WSAA before submitting them to the SEQ water service providers for appraisal. A positive WSAA product appraisal may be a pre-requisite for some SEQ water service providers to consider acceptance of your product.

The lists are not static, it is the responsibility of all parties to check the website for the most current version.  Additional, or equivalent, products may be added after appraisal by each water service provider.  Products may be removed from the lists if the water service providers are finding that they are deemed not fit for purpose (e.g. premature failure, etc).

2019 February SEQ Accepted Civil IPAM List (PDF)

> Contact the relevant SEQ-SPs for their accepted electrical products

> 2018 October SEQ Accepted Mechanical Equipment IPAM List (PDF)

To have other products appraised, and if appropriate included on the list, please complete the Product Appraisal Request Form and e-mail it to each water service provider.

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